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    •    Go up the ranks. For the good of you and your family and to bring much needed diversity to the power structure of this job.
    •    Join the Vulcan Society. Remain a member for life.
    •    Stand up for yourself in the firehouse, stand up for your people in the field. Remember, you were Black long before you were blue and you will remain Black long after you stop being blue.

Join us now!


The Vulcan Society Inc.  is the Fraternal Organization of Black Firefighters open only to active and retired members of EMS, Fire Inspectors and civilian personnel of the FDNY. Our purpose is to promote understanding, friendship and cooperation among all members of the NYC Fire dept. To promote various types of athletics and sports, social and cultural affairs to help with the physical and mental stature of the member so he/she shall improve during his/her career. To encourage the members to thoroughly familiarize themselves with the rules and regulations of the FDNY so that these members will be better able to serve this Great city.


The Vulcan Society is the fraternal organization of NYC’s Black firefighters. We were founded in 1940 by Wesley Williams who was, among other things, the first Black fire Chief in the U.S. We were the first organization of Black civil service workers in the country. Over the following decades we have accomplished many things including the following; ending the overt segregation that existed in many NYC firehouses, being instrumental in getting Robert Lowery appointed as the first Black FDNY Deputy Fire Commissioner in 1963 (after which he became FDNY’s first Black Fire Commissioner in 1966), being one of the founding organizations of the International Association of Black Professional Firefighters in 1970, bringing a successful lawsuit against the FDNY in 1973 and 2008 for hiring discrimination.

For 75 years of our existence we have spentcountless hours and untold amounts of money in service to the community. With your support we intend on continuing our great work and our great traditions.


President  -  Dellon Morgan

1stV.P  -  Neal Francis

2ndV.P  -  Darrell Dennison

Treasurer   -  Kevin Simon

Rec. Secretary  -  Tyeisha Pugh

Cor. Secretary  -   Greg Shephard

Fin. Secretary  -  Kaseem Porter

Sgt at Arms  -  .Aaron Gardner


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 Official Vulcan Society Website         

 Phone (718) 778-7978

Vulcan Society Hall
739 Eastern Parkway  Brooklyn, NY 11213-3410

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